Mila d'Opiz Skincare | Skin Clear
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Skin Clear

Deep-cleansing and freshening products for all skin types, with extra treatments for oily and male skin

This range is designed for skin with hyperactive sebaceous glands, caused by hormonal changes, stress or a diet too rich in protein/ fat. Skin can look shiny or dry, but may suffer from enlarged pores, skin irritations, little spots and impurities, an irregular dermal structure, as well as a wan, lifeless complexion and shiny t-zone.
The Skin Clear line normalises and regulates the secretion of sebum, stops impurities arising, refines the skin structure and stablises the barrier function of the skin, while also calming and nourishing the skin.

Skin Clear Purifying Cleansing Foam
Available in 100ml and 200ml sizes

The light Purifying Cleansing Foam is ideal for oily skin as it cleanses and regulates the skin’s sebum production. Thanks to the active complex substances found within the Cleansing Foam, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, which balances and normalises.

Skin Clear Purifying Toner
Available in 200ml and 500ml sizes

The Skin Clear Purifying Toner is a perfect companion to the Purifying Cleansing Foam– it tones the skin after being cleansed, leaving it feeling refreshed. It also has an anti-bacterial effect on oily skin.

Skin Clear Purifying Serum
Available in 30ml and 240ml sizes

The Skin Clear Purifying Serum can be used as a lightweight moisturiser or under your regular moisturiser for a more intense effect. Thanks to a mix of anti-bacterial, calming and hydrating ingredients, this serum counteracts over-active sebaceous glands, promoting fresher, healthier-looking skin.

Skin Clear Purifying Yeast Mask
Available in 50ml size

This Purifying Yeast Mask is great for all skin types except extremely dry skin. When applied in a thick layer and left for 3 minutes (so it does not dry out), it gives the skin an enzymatic peel, removing dead skin cells and drawing out any impurities in the skin such as pimples or blackheads. On oily skin, it can be left slightly longer (for up to 7 minutes) to help regulate excess sebum production, absorb excess sebum and mattify the skin’s appearance.

Skin Clear Amber Peeling
Available in 50ml and 240ml sizes

The Skin Clear Purifying Amber Peeling is an effective exfoliant for any skin type– not just oily skin! Thanks to an abrasive mix of Amber and Pumice, it eliminates the layers of dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin soft, shiny and free of impurities. It is not recommended for skin with lots of pimples or pustules, the Skin Clear Purifying Yeast Mask should be used instead.

Skin Clear Purifying Cream
Available in 50ml size

This Purifying Cream has complex ingredients such as Seboclear and AC Net Active, which combine to normalise sebum secretion, as well as having a soothing and cooling effect on the skin. It is ideal for oily skin types that feel tight after cleansing. This Purifying Cream can be used as a day or a night cream, and it also has UV-A protection!