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About Mila d’Opiz

Mila d’Opiz is an award winning Swiss Skincare Company, using the most cutting edge and up to date ingredients on the market. Our long experience in manufacturing skincare products along with a pioneering Research and Development Department, ensures the finest quality products with a proven track record of effective results. We were the first skincare company to obtain the ISO 9001 International Quality Standard in 1994 and we continue to manufacture to this rigorous standard without any animal testing. In 2014 we won the ‘Beauty Oscar’ for most innovative product, proving our dedication to keeping up to date with market changes and consumer demands.

Pioneering Research & Development

The Research department of Mila d’Opiz is continually researching and developing products, using the latest cutting edge, biotechnical ingredients. Because the company has a dedicated Research and Development department, we are in the position of being able to constantly keep up to date with cosmetic ingredients and are very often the first to launch new innovative products with these new ingredients.

Award-Winning Skincare & Ingredients

In 1994, Mila d’Opiz was the first skincare company to obtain the ISO 9001 International Quality Standard, & we continue to manufacture to this rigorous standard without any animal testing. In 2014, we won the “Beauty Oscar” for Most Innovative Product and the European Cosmetics Innovation Prize for their ingredient Snow Algae.

Interested in Mila d’Opiz for your salon?

If you are interested in using Mila d’Opiz for your salon, that’s great! We can help with that. We are Sunaura Distribution, the official distributors of Mila d’Opiz in the UK & Ireland. We have over thirty years of experience in supplying beauty salons so we know exactly how the business works and how we can help salons to do their jobs more effectively. We work alongside therapists as partners, rather than competitors. We believe salon brands should be exclusive to salons and not sold in pharmacies or department stores.

We love to work with dedicated, single-person salons just as much as the bigger salons. In our view, the most successful salons are those with staff who are all passionate about what they do and committed to constantly learning and improving, whether it be a salon run from home or a large chain of salons.

We provide our Mila d’Opiz salons with complementary promotional samples, brochures, bags and posters, as well as comprehensive product and treatment manuals. We run a free training seminar in the UK every year to update our customers and swap best practice ideas, and both our Irish and UK customers can benefit from an introductory training session with us as well as periodic refresher training whenever needed.


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