Mila d'Opiz Skincare | Mila Sun
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Mila Sun

Products to help protect against UV-A & UV-B damage, & to encourage a healthy glow

The sun has so many positive effects on our well-being and body- it ensures a healthy metabolism, inner balance, and helps the skin produce Vitamin D. But too much sun can damage your skin beyond repair, which is why Mila d’Opiz has formulated this new and improved Mila Sun line. It meets all the requirements of the European Union for effective UV-A and UV-B protections with the sensational ingredient Uvinol® Easy, made in BASF’s laboratory in Germany.

Mila Sun Bronzing Spray SPF 20
Available in 100ml size

The Mila Sun Bronzing Spray has an SPF of 20 and is perfect for when you want to tan safely and naturally. It contains Beta-Carotene, which helps the skin safely develop a tan, and Uvinol® Easy is there to prevent sunburn and damage to your skin.

Mila Sun Safe Spray SPF 30
Available in 100ml size

For a higher protection (but not a total sun block!) the Mila Sun Safe Spray has an SPF 30! It contains a smaller amount of Beta-Carotene than the Bronzing Spray, but a higher level of Uvinol® Easy.

Mila Sun Block Spray SPF 50
Available in 100ml size

The Mila Sun Block Spray gives you maximum sun protection for very sensitive skin, thanks to it’s SPF 50 protection. This spray is suitable for infants as well!

Mila Sun Self-Tan Cream
Available in 100ml size

The Mila Sun Self-Tan Cream is perfect for those of you who want a natural, sun-kissed look without the dangers of sun exposure. It gives you a beautiful, gradual tan.

Mila Sun After-Sun Lotion
Available in 100ml size

The Mila After-Sun Lotion is great for applying after a long day out in the sun– it cools and relaxes the skin, and keeps your tan staying beautiful.

Mila Sun Pre-Tan Lotion
Available in 200ml size

The Mila Sun Pre-Tan Lotion is designed to be applied two to three weeks before your holiday– it stimulates the melatonin in your skin, which enables it to tan more easily!

Mila Sun Lip Balm SPF 20
Available in 4.8g size

Keep your lips moist, supple and protected with the Mila Sun Lip Balm! It has an SPF of 20 so it will keep your lips protected from any harmful sun rays.