Mila d'Opiz Skincare | Swiss Wellness
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Swiss Wellness

Made with ground-breaking formulations for total nourishing body care

This is a fantastic range of bodycare products which contain a wide range of innovative active ingredients. With a variety of anti-cellulite, smoothing, and firming products, the Swiss Wellness range moisturises and cares for your skin.

Swiss Wellness Iso-Slim Firming Lotion
Available in 30ml, 200ml and 500ml sizes

The Swiss Wellness Iso-Slim Firming Lotion is a body lotion that visibly reduces cellulite thanks to the powerful anti-cellulite ingredient Genistein. The Firming Lotion improves the firmness and quality of the skin in problem areas such as the arms, legs, thighs and hips after just six weeks.

Swiss Wellness Poly-Fructol Shower Gel
Available in 30ml and 200ml sizes

The Poly-Fructol Shower Gel promises long-lasting hydration thanks to the Poly-Fructol Complex found within. It hydrates your skin immediately, helping to retain the skins optimum moisture level.

Swiss Wellness Green Sensation Eau de Toilette
Available in 30ml size

This beautifully scented Eau de Toilette is infused with Green Tea, so it is a gentle, soothing scent that is ideal for Spring and Summer.

Swiss Wellness Deo Roll-On
Available in 50ml size

Containing Sensiva SC50, the Swiss Wellness Deo Roll-On is a long-lasting, highly effective anti-antiperspirant that leaves your skin feeling soft and cared for.

Swiss Wellness Gelee Royale Hand Cream
Available in 30ml and 50ml sizes

With a deeply moisturising and rejuvenating effect, the Gelee Royale Hand Cream moisturises, maintains skin firmness and reduces the appearance of age spots. It also has UV protection, so you can keep your hands protected from harsh rays!

Swiss Wellness Soft Body Oil
Available in 500ml size

The Soft Body Oil from the Swiss Wellness range is a non-greasy oil that is ideal for soothing dry skin, especially during cold Winter months and in colder climates. It is ideal as a massage medium in salon treatments.

Swiss Wellness Silky Firming Body Cream
Available in 175ml size

The beautifully luxurious Silky Firming Body Cream provides long-term, optimal results thanks to ingredients such as Sveltonyl Complex, which helps fight against cellulite appearance and has a local slimming effect.

Swiss Wellness Soft Body Lotion
Available in 30ml, 200ml and 500ml sizes

The ultimate in moisturising body care! The Swiss Wellness Soft Body Lotion contains Alpine Flowers Extract to soothe, heal and brighten the skin, while the Tocopheryl Acetate promotes formation of new cells and protects against free radicals.