Mila d'Opiz Skincare | Mila White Shade
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Mila White Shade

Brightening range for reducing pigmentation and boosting radiance

The Mila White Shade range is suitable for all skin types and is designed for general skin lightening and achieving a brighter complexion. This special care range reduces pigmentation disorders, counteracts new pigmentation problems, and makes the skin significantly brighter. Thanks to the natural plant ingredients, the Mila White Shade products not only offer brighter skin, they also provide the skin with moisturising, nourishing, soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Mila White Shade Vision Day and Night Cream
Available in 50ml and 240ml sizes

Mila White Shade Vision Day and Night Cream is a light moisturising cream suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin. This cream is normally used for pigmentation disorders, age spots or discoloured skin. It can also be used very effectively to brighten dull or neglected skin. It contains extract from the Swiss Garden Cress Sprout which is rich in Sulforaphane. This ingredient ‘Sulfora White’ has been proven to be very effective in inhibiting melanin formation and fading the appearance of age spots and discolourations giving a more even skin tone.  It also contains moisturising ingredients such as Shea Butter and Panthenol and used regularly both day and night will result in a smoother, more even toned radiant skin. Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin.

Mila White Shade Vision Serum
Available in 30ml size and 100ml sizes

White Shade Vision Serum is a serum which can either be used as a light moisturising agent or under White Shade Vision Day and Night Cream to reinforce results.  It contains extract of Swiss Garden Cress Sprout which is rich in Sulforaphane. This ingredient ‘Sulfora White’ is very effective in reducing pigmentation due to it’s ability to inhibit melanin production. As the skin ages and is more exposed to external elements it starts to produce excess melanin which causes pigmentation, age spotting and dark spots. It also has UV protection to prevent further pigmentation. Ingredients such as Sulfora White and Berries Powder Complex work to slow this process down and lighten the skin leading to more even toned, brighter looking skin. White Shade Vision Serum can be used morning and evening over cleansed skin.

Mila White Shade Cleansing Foam
Available in 200ml salon size only

White Shade Vison Cleansing Foam is a silky-feeling foam cleanser containing Sulfora White and Flower Power Complex. These two ingredients combine to gently and effectively cleanse the skin whilst helping to slow down melanin production in the skin and brightening age spot and pigmentation marks. Shake the bottle well then pump one or two doses of cleanser and massage over the face and neck before removing with warm water