Mila d'Opiz Skincare | Luxury Caviar
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Luxury Caviar

A highly effective range featuring luxe ingredients such as caviar to nourish the skin

The Luxury Caviar range contains Caviar and Argan Oil, making it a richly moisturising anti-ageing care for dry and sensitive skin.


Caviar is an innovative, age-fighting ingredient which delivers essential nutrients to your skin. While the Caviar stimulates the skins regeneration, the Argan Oil protects cells from the effects of free radicals. With these two highly effective, natural substances working together, the skin is rejuvenated and smoothed, while reducing skin irritation.

Luxury Caviar White Truffle Mask
Available in 240ml size (for professionals only)

The Luxury Caviar White Truffle Mask is a luxurious, deeply moisturising face mask that can be applied to the whole face and neck in a thick layer as a moisturising mask, and can be left on for as long as you like as the longer you leave it on, the more your skin benefits! While the Truffle Mask contains the protective and regenerative duo of caviar and argan oil, the most unique feature of this mask is its White Truffle extract. White Truffles are found underground in Mediterranean forests and are considered to be a rare delicacy in food, with a high concentration of minerals and vitamin B. In skincare, they help to deeply condition skin, providing it with essential fatty acids and nutrients and helping to reduce lines and wrinkles.