Mila d'Opiz Skincare | Classics
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Proven favourites from the past, with up-to-date formulations

Classic, proven favourites, and high quality care for all skin types is what makes this line so distinctive. The Classics range contains all of the “classic” products Mila d’Opiz have created over the years, but with up-to-date formulations, and award-winning ingredients.

Classics Sanddorn Cream
Available in 50ml and 240ml sizes

The Classics Sanddorn Cream is a very rich moisturiser which contains a combination of ingredients designed to hydrate extremely dry and dehydrated skin.

Classics Collagen Optima Cream
Available in 50ml and 240ml sizes

The Classics Collagen Cream is one of the most popular moisturisers in the entire Mila catalogue! It is a rich moisturisng cream that can be used for both day and night care. It contains rich anti ageing and moisturising ingredients that will leave the skin appearing younger, fresher and more supple.

Classics Cell Support Cream
Available in 50ml and 240ml sizes

The Classics Cell Support Cream is one of the richest moisturising creams in the Mila d’Opiz line, and can be used to repair and renew sallow and neglected skin.

Classics Collagen Optima Lotion
Available in 50ml size

The Classics Collagen Lotion is a light emulsifying lotion with an SPF of 15– it is ideal for those who would like an anti ageing effect without having to use a rich cream.

Classics Refresher Spray
Available in 100ml size

The Classics Refresher Spray is a light freshening moisturising spray which can be used on both face, neck and hair. It comes in a handy 100ml size so can be brought aboard an aircraft for use during flights.

Classics ATP Eye Lift Gel
Available in 10ml size

ATP Eye Lift Gel is a light clear non- greasy gel formulation for use around the eye area. It contains Eyelift Complex which is a combination of ingredients formulated to reduce puffiness and strengthen the delicate skin around the eye area.

Classics Recharging Eye Lift Patches
Available in 3ml size

The Classics Recharging Eye Lift Patch is a treatment for either salon or home use. The patches are used once or twice a week to improve the appearance of dark circles and eye bags as well as to reduce dark circles and soothe and moisturise the eye area.

Classics Cleansing Milk
Available in 100ml and 500ml sizes

Classics Cleansing Milk is a light white milky cleanser with much loved by beauty therapists for its effective cleansing and make up removing properties.

Classics Fruit Acid Sensation Cream
Available in 50ml size

The Classics Fruit Acid Sensation Cream is a light which moisturising cream containing a combination of fruit acids extracted from blueberry, orange, lemon, cane and maple sugar. These mild fruit acids give a gentle peel effect which will remove any dead skin cells and promote new cell production in the epidermal layer of the skin.

Classics Climate Cream
Available in 50ml size

The Classics Climate Cream is an light moisturising cream with the award winning Snow Algae Powder ingredient. Used regularly the Classics Climate Cream will slow down the ageing of the cells in the skin, stimulate new skin cells and protect against further damage to skin exposed to external elements such as wind, rain, snow etc.

Classics Collagen Eye Patches
Available in 3ml and 5 pack sizes

The Classics Collagen Eye Patches are the latest addition to the Classics Line. The product contains a triple action Collagen System which is closely aligned to the skins own collagen system. Applying these patches to the eye area will stimulate the collagen in the skin to renew itself leading to more elasticity so fewer lines and wrinkles will be formed.