Mila d'Opiz Skincare | Skin Refine
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Skin Refine

High-tech anti-ageing for all skin types

The Skin Refine range is advanced anti-ageing for the treatment and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. It can give your skin a botox-like effect (without the pain or skin-invasive treatment) by helping your skin relax, reducing muscle contractions,  and smoothing expression lines.

Skin Refine Creamy Cleansing Foam
Available in 125ml sizes

The Skin Refine Creamy Cleansing Foam is the perfect cleanser for mature skin, and can be used in conjunction with any of the anti-ageing products, as well as within the Skin Refine range itself. With a luxuriously soft foam texture, it gently cleanses and rehydrates mature skin without drying it out. Containing anti ageing ingredients such as Syn-Ake and Sodium Hyaluronate, the Skin Refine Cleansing Foam cleanses whilst also helping to prevent further ageing of the skin. Use sparingly morning and evening. Gently foam a very small amount in your hands and massage into the face and neck, then rinse away using lukewarm water.

Skin Refine Softening Tonic
Available in 200ml sizes

The Skin Refine Softening Tonic is a unique toner with a gel-like consistency. It contains a plethora of anti ageing ingredients such as Syn-Ake, Matrixyl 3000, Swiss Glacier Water and Argenine. These ingredients are renowned for their effectiveness in reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as stimulating collagen synthesis. Use it after cleansing with the Skin Refine Creamy Cleansing Foam or on it’s own.

Skin Refine Hydro Lift Fluid
Available in 50ml size

Refine Hydro Lift Fluid is a light white moisturising lotion with UVA protection. It is rich in the latest anti ageing ingredients such as Syn Ake, Matrixyl 3000 and Swiss Glacier Water. These ingredients combine to fight ageing in the skin by reducing skin muscle contractions and firm and smooth out the skin. It is a light, quick penetrating moisturiser with an oil free finish and is ideal for sensitive skin or for anybody who prefers a light fluid moisturiser to a rich cream. Apply daily after cleansing to the face, neck and decollete.

Skin Refine Cell Assistant Cream
Available in 50ml and 240ml sizes

Refine Cell Assistant Cream is a revolutionary anti ageing cream, light in consistency with a light fresh fragrance, while having a mattifying effect on combination skin. It contains high-tech anti ageing ingredients such as Syn-Ake which reduces muscle action in the skin leading to fewer lines and wrinkles, Matrixyl 3000 which stimulates collagen production and Argirilene which safely and naturally mimics the effect of botox. These ingredients along with other moisturising properties means that the Refine Cell Assistant Cream is a really effective anti ageing moisturiser. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used morning and evening after cleansing.

Skin Refine Rejuvenesse Cream
Available in 50ml and 240ml size

Refine Rejuvenesse Cream is a 24 hour care cream for older dry or dehydrated skin. It contains all the high tech anti-ageing ingredients such as Syn-Ake for fine line and wrinkle reduction, Matrixyl 3000 for collagen synthesis and Swiss Glacier Water for deep moisturisation as well as a combination of extracts of Oils such as Macadamia, Apricot Kernel and Babassu. These oils are rich in vitamins and are renowned for their deep moisturising properties. Regular use will smooth out fine lines, prevent further wrinkling and improve elasticity leading to more youthful, fresher looking skin. Refine Rejuvenesse Cream can be used both morning and evening after cleansing.

Skin Refine Intense Repair Cream
Available in 50ml size

Refine Intense Repair Cream is a rich anti ageing night creamfor very dry or dehydrated skin or skin that has been a bit neglected and is in need of a ‘cure’. It is also perfect for the neck due to its tightening and anti ageing properties. Refine Intense Repair Cream has a gentle enzymatic undetectable peel effect due the a ‘Peeling Peptide Complex’  so the skin is encouraged to shed old dead skin cells overnight, exposing new fresh cells. It contains high tech anti ageing ingredients such as Syn-Ake, renowned for its ability to reduce muscle action in the skin so smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, Matrixyl 3000 which stimulates collagen production and and Sodium Hyaluronate which hydrates the skin and plumps it out. All these ingredients along with Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Inca Inchi Oil, for their deep hydrating properties, mean that regular use of the Intense Repair Cream on either the neck area or on skin that is either very dehydrated, neglected or damaged will greatly improve the look and feel of the skin. Use morning and/or evening after cleansing on face and neck.

Skin Refine Lifting Serum
Available in 30ml size

Skin Refine Lifting Serum is a light moisturising serum for use either by itself or under a moisturiser to intensify the effect. Containing the most up to date high tech anti ageing ingredients, regular use of this serum will complement the effect of your anti ageing moisturiser. The Lifting Serum contains high concentrations of Syn-Ake which inhibits muscle contraction in the skin reducing the depth of wrinkling and fine lines, it also contains Matrxyl 3000 which stimulates collagen production and Argireline which naturally mimics the effects of botox leading to younger fresher and more radiant looking skin with fewer fine lines and reduced wrinkling. The Lifting Serum is recommended for use under your preferred Skin Refine moisturiser and can be used both morning and evening. Gently massage or tap into the skin and wait until fully absorbed before applying moisturiser

Skin Refine Lifting Eye Cream
Available in 15ml and 50ml sizes

Skin Refine Lifting Eye Cream is the ultimate eye cream to target ageing around the eye area. It is specially formulated to be easily absorbed into the fine skin around the eyes without causing congestion and puffiness. It contains all the anti ageing ingredients found within the Skin Refine range such as Syn-Ake for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, Matrixyl 3000 to stimulate collagen production improving elasticity of the skin and Swiss Glacier Water to hydrate the skin. Skin Refine Eye Cream also contains a unique repair complex which tightens and smooths loose skin giving a silky and radiant feel to the skin. Use morning and evening to cleansed skin around the socket bone to repair, firm and lift the skin around the eye area.

Skin Refine Lifting Mask
Available in 50ml size only

Skin Refine Lifting Mask is a cream mask for salon use containing all the required active ingredients for providing a highly effective anti ageing facial with visible results. The mask contains ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 which stimulates collagen production thus improving elasticity, Syn Ake which reduces the muscle contractions reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as deep hydrating ingredients such as Swiss Glacier Water, Sodium Hyaluronate and Aqua Cacteen. The Mask should be applied generously over the face and neck area and left for 15 to 20 minutes. A very slight tingling effect may be felt by the client and the results after removal will be smoother more radiant skin with a reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkling.